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It is now possible to test WEBtender to find out what it is really about. By logging in with the demo user, see button below, you can test it for yourself. 

  • Create project and offer
  • Test calculation features
  • See the output as a .PDF to se what your customer would receive
  • And much more..

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WEBtender is launched!

For many years I have been sending off offers to customers in the hope to win projects. Some I have won and some I have lost. What has always been the frustration for me is the lack of a good tool in which to calculate the offer. I have tried several Excel sheets, as I expect all others also have. The problem was always to fulfill the need of both my potential customers, my supplier, my boss and of course myself. The following needs was identified, and not ...

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HøyemWEB AS is developing a cloud service for
calculating tenders. Have a look at our
resentation here!

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