WEBtender is launched!

For many years I have been sending off offers to customers in the hope to win projects. Some I have won and some I have lost. What has always been the frustration for me is the lack of a good tool in which to calculate the offer. I have tried several Excel sheets, as I expect all others also have. The problem was always to fulfill the need of both my potential customers, my supplier, my boss and of course myself. The following needs was identified, and not always fulfilled:

  • Well documented offer where the customer could clearly see the solution offered, even if they did not have the same product knowledge as the one creating the offer.
  • Clear pricing, both for the customer and the one making the offer.
  • Easy and fast creation of offers. Let's face it, we do not win them all, and the time spent on a lost offer is time wasted. The time spent creating an offer should therefore be redused to a minimum without compromising on the quality.
  • Easy data extracting from the database. Suppliers need forecasts, bosses need to know the margin, sales managers need to know the win rate etc.

The solution; WEBtender

WEBtender is a web based service where our customers for a small monthly fee can have access to a professional calculation tool. The tool fulfills all the needs mentioned above, and more. We are not planning to stop where we are today; there are plenty of addons planned in the future! What we have today is the base version that everyone can use. We will in the future add more specific modules for customers within different markets, depending on our customers needs.

One such thing could be a KNX-module to create offers for the KNX system.

How to get it

Check out our company profile on linkedIn for more information about the tool. There one can also contact us if there are any questions, or for ordering. We will also set up a self service ordering system in the near future.

It is also possible to get some more information and contact us on the official WEBtender webpage webtender.cloud.

For the moment we have only launched for the Norwegian market. But we plan to expand it. We will be needing agents in the great world. If there are any interested people out there, please get in contact with us to start some discussions.

The history

Around two years ago my brother and I started to discuss what we could do about the challenges entioned initially. As he is an excellent web developer we decided that we could create a web based service where one could create offers in a database. We started with this on our free time, me writing the specifications, and Tormod writing the code. After some months it was clear to us both that to be able to finalize it we needed to go all in. Tormod left his job and started the development full time!

We have had some pilot customers that has been able to test the system before launch and we have received a lot of feedbacks that we have been able to implement. Also they have been able to detect errors that we have not seen ourself during testing.

We are now finally at the stage where the system is ready for launch!